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Under the National e-Governance plan project several Mission Mode Projects are initiated for providing services to the common man. Currently there are 31 Mission Mode projects encompassing Central and State and integrated ones. Several portals / sites are being designed, developed and deployed under each of the Mission Mode Projects. In order that the fruits of e-Governance reach the masses the services thus offered needs to be in ones mother tongue. India being a Multicultural, Multilingual country with 22 scheduled languages it becomes utmost crucial to provide the citizen services in the locality and in regional language.

In order to deliver these services in multiple languages, it is crucial to follow Internationalization / localisation standards. Standards adherence is crucial for interoperability of information and seamless access with various access devices. Several standards, best practices and guidelines needs to be in place which needs to be disseminated to the developers community, various stakeholders and more specifically the decision makers (MMP Leaders).    more...