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Developer Tools

GoTranslate Web Localizer Snippet
File Size:
511.34 kB

The GoTranslate Web Localizer Snippet is an embeddable Javascript snippet that sits on a web page of a client website opened in a browser window and gives users a flexibility to localize the web page in to any Indian Language of their choice.

Click here to watch video for snippet integration.

CDAC GIST Localization Tool for Android, Java and .Net
File Size:
75.16 MB

CDAC GIST Localization Tool for Android, java and .net can help localise strings.xml file of android, .properties of java and .resx file of .net into various Indian language. Developers can use the converted files in their code and compile their applications for various Indian languages.

Application Support and Prerequisites for installing Localisation Tool

Windows versions: - 7(SP1), 8, 8.1, 10

.Net Framework: 4.5 & above

Windows architecture: - 32-bit and 64-bit

JSP/ASP/PHP Parser Tool
File Size:
1.48 MB

The desktop application translate the JSP/PHP/ASP pages to local language using leveraging service.

These following languages are available for translation:
1.    Bengali
2.    Gujarati
3.    Hindi
4.    Malayalam
5.    Marathi
6.    Punjabi.

The tool is easy to use and the user can select the following format and parse:
1.    JSP
2.    ASP
3.    PHP  

System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 & Above (32 & 64 Bit)
HDD: 50 MB
RAM: 128 MB
Dependencies: .Net Framework 4.5

Note: Internet Connection mandatory

Web Based Typing Service
File Size:
963.69 kB

The web based typing service enables user to type in any browser based applications. The user can type in two different layouts viz. Phonetic (Transliteration based) and INSCRIPT. It can be easily integrated in any web based application just by including and calling JavaScript API.

Snippet DT Control
File Size:
20.46 MB

Snippet Design time Control is an Server control which enables end-users to translate a web page to different Indian languages.It can be easily integrated with the ASP.Net websites with just drag and drop or by creating it's instance.

Translations provided by this extension are domain specific. User can switch back to the original English web site as well. User choices for language options and localization will be preserved so that next time user get localized version of those websites automatically.

 Supported Languages:

1. Assamese

2. Bengali

3. Gujarati

4. Hindi

5. Kannada

6. Malayalam

7. Marathi

8. Oriya

9. Punjabi

10. Tamil

11. Telugu

12. Marathi(DV) to Marathi(Modi)