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C-DAC GIST Bengali On-Screen Keyboard Driver (Android)
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CDAC-GIST is pleased to offer Indian language On-Screen keyboard driver for Android devices. This keyboard driver supports Bengali language inputting using enhanced INSCRIPT standard layout. English QWERTY layer has been updated to support the English inputting. Thus English inputting is possible without a need to select the Android native English keyboard while working with Bengali. The basic prediction is now available for English inputting. It works on Android version 2.3 and above, provided the version supports complex rendering. To select this keyboard for inputting, select the input method of your phone to "C-DAC, GIST Bengali Keyboard". You can also download the sample basic editor application. The sample basic editor application is for sample editing of supported Indian language text and is useful to get familiar with Indian language inputting using this keyboard. This keyboard driver and sample editor application is available for free non-commercial purposes only. For any information kindly contact