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  • As per the localization guide, the use of INSCRIPT keyboard for local language input is recommended. In case a citizen wants to fill a form, he/she will have to first install this keyboard toolbar on his/her system. What if in case, the citizen does not have Administrator access on the system? Also, as per the State Portal guidelines, there should be no extra installation required on the citizen system for availing the services. One option is to create a floating keyboard (virtual), pure html and java script based, which is displayed on the screen when the user click the textbox to fill the information. There would be no need for installation in this case.
  • As per the guide, Sakal Bharati font should be used in the application to show local language text. The problem here is that Sakal Bharati font is not pre-installed on any system and citizen will have to install it manually, otherwise, he/she will not be able to see the text properly. Instead of Sakal Bharati, can’t we use font like Shruti for Gujarati language and Mangal for Hindi language, which is also a open-type font and comes as pre-installed in windows machines.

Gist Data Converter

  • What are the uses of C-DAC GIST Data Converter ?
  • What are the supported font formats/ font codes for the conversion?
  • The conversion of my file failed. What's wrong?


  • What is GIST WebOT ?
  • Where I can use GIST WebOT ?
  • Where I can find integration steps?
  • Which are the languages supported by GIST WebOT?
  • Which Unicode version is support by GIST WebOT?

FAQs for GoTranslate Web Localizer plugin

  • GoTranslate Web Localizer plugin?
  • What are the features and benefits of GoTranslate Web Localizer plugin?
  • How to translate web site using GoTranslate Web Localizer plugin?
  • How to update GoTranslate Web Localizer plugin?
  • How to login and logout?
  • How to contribute better translation for any text on web page?
  • How to get suggestions from other sources?
  • How to change translation language if page is already translated in other language?
  • From where can we download the Form for Translation Contribution?
  • From where can we download the translator plugin?